Heirloom Chocolate – 333g 70% Dark Chocolate Tin


333g of our certified organic 70% Dark Chocolate shavings in a reusable and refillable tin.

No less than than 70% cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic and Bolivia and blended with rapadura cane sugar.

For a dark chocolate that is smooth, low in bitterness and slightly fruity.

Quantity Discounting:

Pricing for 333g tins will be discounted automatically according to the total weight of your order. 3 tins equal 1kg for quantity discounting purposes. All Heirloom Chocolate products add together for discounting purposes.

The more chocolate you buy the cheaper it gets with up to 32% for orders of 20kg or greater! Orders over 20kg will require a higher freight charge to cover an additional courier delivery up to a 40kg total maximum. For the absolute best possible pricing order 20kg or 40kg.

Bulk chocolate discount
1kgs 2kgs 3kgs 4kgs 5-9kgs 10-19kgs 20-40kgs 41+kgs
$21.90 $19.71 $18.62 $17.52 $15.33 $15.11 $14.89 $21.90

Additional information

Weight 0.334 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 13 cm