price change

Dear valued customers,

We have implemented a price change effective immediately 14th June 2024.

Predominately this price change was due to a large increase in our base chocolate cost of 18%. We have passed this increase on directly without markup to lessen the impact, therefore eating into our own slim profit margin.

This was due to a global shortage of cacao products due to short supply in West Africa. Even though our chocolate is not from West Afrcia, these shortages put pressure on the global market and affected prices in all markets.

To further ease the impact on our wholesale customers we have reduced the maximum discount available by weight down from 16kg to just 5kg. Meaning that smaller orders of 5kg or greater will still acheive the best quantity pricing and that any order of a 5kg bag is automatically our best price.

We have further slightly changed the price due to past and imminent increases in our standard costs such as labour, rent, insurance and other overheads.

This decision was not taken lightly and has come after confirming once again that our chocolate is, as it always has been, the highest quality product on the market. It is also certified organic and is sourced ethically.

For cafes using our chocolate to make hot chocolates and mochas our new minimum RRP to maintain adequate and sustainable profit margins is:

Hot Chocolate$6$7
Mocha (double shot)$7$8