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We are located at 23 Little Cribb St, Milton, 4064, QLD, Australia.

For personal us we encourage you to use the chocolate however you like.

For use in a cafe or restaurant, when serving hot chocolates, we have some standards that we require you to adhere to, to maintain the reputation of our product. By purchasing the chocolate to resell as a prepared drink you must agree to the following terms and conditions, otherwise future sales may be limited.

How to make an Heirloom Hot Chocolate

  • 1⁄4 cup scoop = 8oz cup = 30g
  • 1/3 cup scoop = 12oz cup = 45g
  • 1⁄2 cup scoop = 16oz cup = 60g
  • 1 cup scoop = 20oz cup = 75g
  1. Select the correct sized jug for the cup size you are making.
  2. Scoop in the correct amount of chocolate. For eg: for an 8oz cup add a level 1⁄4 cup of grated chocolate.
  3. Add enough milk so that after it is steamed and textured it will fill the cup almost to the top.
  4. Steam and texture the milk and chocolate like a flat white or latté to 60c unless otherwise requested.
  5. Pour it into the cup and cover the top with more grated chocolate of the same type.

We do not allow:

  • using less than a 30g/8oz ratio
  • using heirloom chocolate on top of hot chocolates made using another chocolate or powder
  • mixing heirloom chocolate with any other chocolate or powder
  • making the drink any other way unless approved. For eg: do not mix the chocolate with hot water in an attempt to make a syrup.

If you or any of your staff can not or do not successfully abide by this recipe and these rules, we reserve the right to discontinue supply to protect the reputation of our product for the sake of ourselves and our other customers. Quality is our number one focus, and we will not supply cafes that do not produce a consistently high quality version of our product.

As of 11/02/2019 and until further notice our order cutoffs and delivery schedule are as follows:

  • orders in by 11am Monday-Friday will be packed that day for courier the next business day
  • orders received after the cut-off time will be processed the next business day for courier the business day after that.

If you just need a kg or two to get you through or prefer paying and picking up over the counter, you can do that anytime during 6:00am-3pm Monday to Friday with payment made at the time of pickup over the counter at Bessa Coffee, 23 Little Cribb St, Milton.

If you are not on site until 5pm, the courier may not be able to complete the delivery and they will deliver the next business day. This means that if they miss you on Friday afternoon, the delivery will be completed on Monday. As such, if you can’t take delivery on Friday afternoons it may be best to organise your order for earlier in the week.

If there is a suitable place to leave the goods, and there is information on the box for them, then they will leave it without signature. If you would like to organise a place for drop-off then please let us know and we will add this to the delivery sheet. We can not take responsibility for goods left unattended both for theft, spoilage due to weather/climate or vermin

We do not process order and couriers do not operate on Public Holidays. We are based in Brisbane and abide by all applicable public holidays.


Please try the recipe below to make a 12oz iced chocolate.

1) To a small 400ml milk jug, add 1/3 cup of heirloom grated chocolate (45g) and approx 100ml of cold milk of your choice. This would be enough to make a very strong 6oz hot chocolate.

2) Steam this in a whirlpool without adding any texture to a temperature of 50c (just as it begins to squeal).

3) Add approx 50-60ml of cold milk to cool it back down.

4) Add 6-8 large ice cubes to a clear 12oz cup and pour the luke-warm chocolate over the ice. Top up with extra cold milk if required.

5) Give it a quick stir with a spoon to ensure it all cools down quickly and evenly and serve with a straw.

The iced does not melt much at all as the drink is only luke warm after adding the cold milk. The small amount that the ice does melt thins the drink out a little and I actually like this for an iced drink as it will make it a little more refreshing in Summer.

You could add some whipped cream and extra grated heirloom chocolate on top to make it really stand out