Instant Specialty - 40g Pouch - Blend Two - Front - On Transparent - 800
Instant Specialty - 40g Pouch - Blend Two - Back - On Transparent - 800

Instant Specialty coffee – Blend Two (40g – 20 Serves) [sold out]

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Blend Two. A blend of coffee from Brazil and India. Notes of dark chocolate and marzipan with a full body and stronger flavour. Instant Specialty is instant coffee at a quality that has never been produced before. First, we source perfectly roasted specialty grade, arabica coffee beans. Then, using our years of experience, we extract them into a world class brew. Finally, the brew is freeze dried in small batches to lock in the flavour, body, sweetness and aroma for years to come.


Start with 1 level teaspoon (2g) of coffee and then add:

Black Coffee: 200g of 65°c water
White Coffee: 140g of 100°c water + 60g of cold milk
Flat White: 30g of 100°c water + 170g of steamed 60°c milk
Iced Latte: 30g of 100°c water + 150g of cold milk + ice

You can also use Instant Specialty to make a mochaccino, a tiramisu, coffee cocktails, coffee cream and much more. Have fun!

40g makes 20 full strength cups.

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